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Kinsman Contracting

Kinsman Contracting Kinsman Contracting is a company based in Temuka and has been a client of RDP Petroleum for over two years. The contracting business operates throughout South Canterbury and has three sites in total, the main one in Temuka, also Waimate and St Andrews. Kinsman Contracting operates a number of different machinery, with the main services they provide being grass silage, bailing, cultivation and potato harvesting.

Operating such large machinery, including 11 tractors and 15 trucks, makes them very reliant on an efficient fuel supply. The owner Grant Kinsman acknowledges that having a reliable fuel supplier is critical to the operation of the business as there can be times that the machinery is going full on, especially in the seasons when they are harvesting. The larger machines can go through 1000 litres of diesel in a 12 hour shift. The silage part of the business also operates at night, so the fuel needs to be there where they need it, when they need it.

When Grant was asked the main reason he stays with RD Petroleum, his response was “The pricing is great but at the end of the day it all comes down to service for me and that is why I stay with RD Petroleum, your service is brilliant”

Lyndon Knight is the Mid/South Canterbury RD Petroleum Territory Manager, and he looks after Kinsman Contracting. “Lyndon’s service is unreal. I can ring him any hour of the day or night. He is great at keeping in contact, and I like his proactive style. Whatever I need he makes it happen, and the reality is that’s why I am so happy with you guys” Grant also commented on the two RD Petroleum tanker drivers that he deals with “RDP drivers Barry & Dougall are awesome guys, they will go out of their way to help you, and I like dealing with them”.

Kinsman Contracting uses the new 10,000 litre Enviro bulker tank as well as some trailer tanks. Having the ability to store fuel on-site and also transport it helps bring the costs down, especially due to the fact there are three sites. They are currently building a new workshop and storage facility in the new yard in Temuka, which will help store some of the large machinery and vehicles.

RD Petroleum prides itself on competitive pricing and providing a consistently high level of service. Building strong working relationships is something that RD Petroleum strives for, so it is always pleasing to hear such positive feedback.

Dougal MacDougall

Dougal MacDougall Dougal MacDougall manages his family farm in Millers Flat right in the heart of Central Otago. The farm covers an extensive area and requires a huge amount of work in order to maintain the land at its optimum level. To this end, Dougal uses a wide range of farm machinery and equipment and consequently his fuel demands are large.

Dougal and his family have sourced their fuel from BP for over 35 years and for the last five years from RD Petroleum. It is vital to the running of the farm that Dougal and his employees are able to count on a reliable supply of fuel; and RD Petroleum ensures that Dougal’s farm is well stocked with the right fuels at the right times. .

“RD has been our fuel distributor for the past 5 years and in that time we have not run out of fuel once,”

The friendly nature of the people within the farming community in Central Otago needs to be met with the same welcoming approach from their suppliers and others.

“A company is only as good as its staff. The staff at RD, Brian the Territory Manager and all the truck drivers are always happy, cheerful and really easy to deal with. No matter what the weather or how their day has been, they are all happy to give a wave or to stop to have a chat. RD has been especially fantastic at helping out within the community. Whenever they have been approached for sponsorship in the region, they have not hesitated to help out. For example, they have been influential in providing financial assistance to this year’s annual West Otago tractor dance.”

In Central Otago, no matter the town, you will always find a real sense of community. Here at RD Petroleum we recognise these small rural towns with farms such as Dougal’s and the requisite service industries, as the life-blood of our business; and that is why RD Petroleum endeavours to assist and give back to those same communities whenever we can.

Chris Spratt, McLarens Transport

Chris Spratt, McLarens Transport McLarens Transport and Machinery has been a client of RD Petroleum for just 9 months or so, but already this has developed into a very healthy partnership which has become a vital part of the community in Ranfurly and the wider Maniototo District. The 24-Hour retail petrol site that operates at McLarens base in Ranfurly is the only 24-hour petrol site in the area.
McLarens is one of the largest businesses in the district and a huge contributor to the community of Ranfurly - it employs 25 people, all of whom live locally and many of whom were born and raised in the Maniototo. Chris Spratt is a great example of a long-serving local employee of McLarens, he has been with the company for 23 years. He started out as a truck driver and is now the Assistant Operations Manager for McLarens Transport. He is also the main man connecting the partnership between McLarens and RD Petroleum.
Because of the large scale of its operations and its importance in the community, the service that McLarens requires from its fuel distributor must be second to none. If it were to run out of fuel at any stage, it would have a huge impact, not only on its business operations, but also on the community as a whole. RD Petroleum understands this and is dedicated to providing competitively-priced fuel combined with the best-possible service. We asked Chris about how RD Petroleum has performed thus far.

“We have seen a far more reliable service compared with our previous supplier. We have come close to running out of fuel only once and all it took was a quick phone call to the Territory Manager, Brian and he was very quick to react.”

At RD Petroleum we are proud of the quality of our staff:
“The staff at RD are great, really friendly and approachable. They are a refreshing change from our previous supplier who tended to treat us as though we were just a number. Don and Brian are always really interested in our operations and happy to help any way that they can.”

McLarens Machinery is one of the largest companies in the Maniototo district and its service to the community and right throughout Otago is heavily dependent upon the service of its fuel distributor. RD Petroleum, together with BP, is committed to providing the best fuel service in the South Island so that business managers such as Chris can focus on their operations rather than whether or not their fuel will arrive on time.

Brent Reid, KB Contractors

Brent Reid, KB Contractors KB Contractors, a Mosgiel-based company which manages projects all over the South Island has been specialising in trench less technology for over 25 years. Such technology requires an extensive range of machinery including directional drills, thrust-boring and other conventional excavation equipment - add to this KB’s extensive fleet of road vehicles - and it is plain to see that this business relies heavily upon a secure supply of fuel products.

Brent Reid is the owner/operator of KB Contractors and he knows just how important the service that he receives from RD Petroleum is to his business. When it comes to fuel service it is all about consistency and peace of mind.

“We have been with RD Petroleum for 5 years now. We know specifically each week when our fuel is going to arrive. If it is ever looking as though there may be a shortage, our Territory Manager, Brian will call in advance to let us know. This allows us time to organise an alternative so that we are not left in the dark.”

Brent and his team are also all holders of RD Petroleum fuel cards.

“We have operations running all over the lower South Island, from Oamaru across to Central Otago and all the way down to Invercargill. The RD fuel card allows us to effectively manage all of our fuel expenses for each individual vehicle and because RD has so many retail sites through their connection with BP and Gasoline Alley, it means we are never far from a fuel stop.”

There are many business owners around the South Island in the same position as Brent at KB. Running a fast-growing successful operation means relying on your suppliers to maintain the same high standards in the running of their businesses. The partnership that KB Contractors has built with RD Petroleum has been very successful thus far, and this will continue with RD Petroleum delivering the same consistent, honest service which has ensured peace of mind, with regard to fuel supplies, to Brent and his team.
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